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  • Gretchen Pedersen - Taste has an after bite.

    I love all the stuff in it. The various greens, the probiotics and enzymes...but the tastes leaves an aftertaste. I don't mind it in my chocolate shake, but husband does NOT like it in his vanilla shake. We prefer SuperGreens by Intranaturals, but they were out of stock.

  • V. C. Callan - Thorough

    This is an overview of the many options available for taming your taxes. It is not necessary to read the entire book cover-to-cover in order to learn something new. The chapter and section division allow you to jump around to find the specific sections that apply to your individual situation. I found it highly useful and thought-provoking.

  • Dangbathong - my think

    i dont think u shipping for me the new version...someone is opened....but you said that is brand new ...i feel so bad with that

  • Melvin Boyd - Nuwave PIC

    I send this as a warning to all of u who might be planning on purchasing this item. It is not worth the money. Overheats and then cools down. I think it has some kind of defect. I bought 2 and both do the same thing.

  • sherbear - This stuff is amazing, but you have to be diligent

    We have used this in our personal home, I am a property manager and have brought these nasty "hitch hikers" home a few times. This stuff is amazing, but you have to be diligent. Plus they have great customer service if you have questions. The big thing is being diligent. You can't just spray it and hope everything goes away. You have to spray and vacuum, and spray and vacuum. Use the powder in all wall openings (outlets, switches, cable/internet hookups), spray and seal your mattresses. You have to repeat weekly for several weeks. This product is much less expensive than exterminators and works better than the stuff they have. It has no odor, and has never stained anything.

  • NONONSENSE - read this first

    i had been looking at a certain big name "incline trainer" endorsed by a "biggest loser" celebrity trainer. that machine inclines up to 40% grade. i know incline work can loosen up my lower back. ordering it from the company's website was easy, of course.