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  • Gi Gi - Little computer that could!

    I recently went back to college and needed to pick a portable, lightweight and dependable laptop. I researched and read reviews for months, I wasn't familiar with brands and what I needed at first and wanted to get the best computer for my money. This computer is it! First of all its small, fits in my backpack with my books without weighing a ton, and fits well on the desks at school even next to a huge textbook. It has a sleek silver design which makes it look like a high quality device. One of the other features I like are the multiple positions it flips to, this is pretty handy for watching movies in bed. Before buying the computer I knew it had a touchscreen and I really didn't think I'd use it, I was wrong, all those times its difficult to adjust the size of something or click on something are an easy fix with the touchscreen, as well as scrolling. The one thing I was really worried about was the setup, but it was so easy it's just like setting up a cell phone pretty much and the Asus support staff are so nice and helpful if you get stuck. I really had my heart set on a Zenbook at first but if you check the details the only big difference is name of the model and price. I got mine from Best Buy not Amazon only because I had a coupon and the Best Buy experience was horrible, I should have paid a little more and just used Amazon. Bottom line, this is a mighty little portable computer and I'm very satisfied with my purchase and would highly recommend!

  • Matt - Yolo was Great for me

    Yolo was Great for me. I lost 25 lbs in 30 days, got my energy back, mental clarity and kicked the coffee habit...No need to have coffee when you system is working at 100 percent. Thanks Yoli!

  • Susie - Women are not this stupid!

    I found the main character very aggravating! I believe she was an intelligent woman, but completely oblivious to problems with her husband & marriage. Neither were high on her list, but when her husband cheats (what did she expect?She didn't include him in daily life!) She goes ballistic! Then her response was even more ridiculous! I do not think this character was believable! From the beginning I could see where it was going & how it would end the middle was painful! Not at all complicated. Nothing hidden. Not entertainng!

  • Colorado Jerry - This successfully performed a full back-up of my system, ...

    This successfully performed a full back-up of my system, including the operating system. I purchased this in preparation of upgrading to Windows 10, and wanted to be able to go back should I have problems with the upgrade.

  • K Kim - Great for the price.

    I bought this after owning a Chrome bag for years. Unfortunately I moved last July and in the process lost that bag, which I loved.

  • michael c. - Touch screen did not work well.

    Quality issues make this camera unusable. The touch screen on mine did not work well. It is very sensitive and can easily change your settings accidentally.It does not offer a 720 60 Hz mode. If the touch screen worked better it would be a decent camera to have but in my opinion there are better options out there.

  • Michelle S. Baker - 2014 Children's Writers and Illustrator's Market

    I have purchased several issues of this book over the years...I am disappointed in the bland cover this year...but the book is always helpful.