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  • G. Vasek - Fun Game

    My husband wanted to get this game for our sons in law to play when they came for Christmas holidays. It was a hit. They played it so much. I watched it too and the graphics looked fun and the game was detailed.

  • CROB - Not Recommended

    The software quality control is totally missing. I used the label maker to make CD labels. When I went to print, I told it to use Memorex A4 paper and print 50 labels for which it correctly said needed 25 sheets using 2 labels per page. When I printed, it printed 2 labels on the first page and only one on the other 24 pages. Then the labels were mis-registered so that they were unusable. I then tried to burn data CDs and it froze up multiple times - each time while verifying the CDs. I never had this type of problems with the old Roxio software. As far as I'm concerned Corel messes up everything they touch. I didn't know that they made it until I started trying to report the error. By the way, I could not find a way to report the problems. Does "Dilbert" work there?

  • Robin Gillespie - It's a nice item with a good picture

    It's a nice item with a good picture, however, we were unable to use it on our 2500HD. The viewing mirror could not clip to our existing mirror. I haven't had time to follow up with some kind of adaptor.

  • Abacus - Excellent book with much insight on the subject

    Liz Weston does an excellent job of opening the black box of credit score calculations and how to improve your credit score when necessary and reestablish credit. She also explains the difference between a FICO and other types of scores generated by competitors or used internally by banks. Weston also debunks many of the myths related to improving your credit score. She also warns of the danger of dealing with credit counseling businesses where many are fraudulent operations. Weston is well versed in many related legal issues like bankruptcy reform, credit card reform, debt statute of limitations (see related table on page 120-121), consumer rights, etc...

  • Nadiya Korobova - Best diaper cream ever!!!

    This is the best diaper cream I have ever used. My friend the mother of two recommend Weleda Calendula child and baby to me, she swears by it and now I do. My little one has no problems with irritation or redness and no sign of diaper rash. I also use this product on all kind of scratches and pimples on other parts of baby's body and face as well. Absolutely love the product.

  • Amazon Customer - overall these are nice lights, but the reverse lights are a joke

    overall these are nice lights, but the reverse lights are a joke! the reverse lights point straight up so they don't project out of the light housing

  • Kieran & Hannah - It was impressed me about to reduce my eye's wrinkles

    This product has managed to impressed me. It has aided with reducing my dark eye circles and has faded my eye's wrinkles. With this, I have confidence and plan to try other Orogold products in soon.