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  • Mrs. Washington - Great series

    A Must read!!! It had the perfect mix of drama and laughter and heartfelt moments. I would love to read about juvie and solai as they become more solid in their relationship. I would also love to read more about Anika and lano, just thought I'd throw that out there.

  • Snkiis3 - Solid!

    These stands are quite solid. Very good value and simple to put together. You have to put the racks together yourself so you need basic DIY skills and experience. Very sad how some just can't figure out simple things and are left disgruntled and blaming the seller. The person who left the one star feedback...lmao! The top of the bolt has a square on the neck which you must align with square on the hole at which point the bolt will go all the way through and not leave you that extra 1/4" length.

  • JerriD - A product that delivers as promised

    My dog (an American Pit Bull Terrier) has had some skin issues over the last year that we believe to be from nerves and an allergy she developed. We've finally found an appropriate feed and have alleviated much of the stress, but her coat is still a mess. I got this shampoo in the hopes of helping with her skin and coat.

  • Savvy Consumer - Pleasantly Surprised!

    This is a unique product.... I found it extra effective to put my moisturizer under it before bedtime. It really makes a noticeable difference around my lips and mouth area. Would definitely recommend.

  • Daleto - These Pans Are Awesome!

    I have had these pans for a few months and can't say enough good things about them. I've used for everything and they still look brand new. I definitely recommend these pans to anyone.