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  • Melitza - Works like Magic!

    I have tried so many things for the mice this season. There have been an over abundance of them here (east coast) for some reason this year. We tried poison pellets, traps and peppermint oil. The traps if you think about it are only attracting them with the cheese or peanut butter you add to them to catch the mouse. The peppermint oil was really just a great air freshener for my house and the pellets did nothing. I found Fresh Cab doing a search, it is a bit expensive but worth the try. I was afraid that the smell would be strong and make my house smell like a Christmas tree (I have NEVER liked that smell). It did not have too strong of a smell and it really was not that bad. You have to put it in the area where you have seen them the most which for me was under the kitchen sink. I used one box of four pouches. One under the kitchen sink, behind the dryer where the hose is, in the pantry cabinet and beside the refrigerator. I have had them there for over a month and they are still working, though it may be time to change them since I think I heard something the other night and the smell of the pouch is mild now. These are a miracle because they really work and are safe around pets and children. IT REALLY IS WORTH THE MONEY!!

  • Joanne - MIRACLE CREAM!!! 20 Star rating!!

    I am 43 years old and have 3 kids. The cellulite in my thighs was SOOO BAD that I haven't worn shorts in about 10 years, only capris, regardless of how hot it was!

  • Michelle Anderson - Great immune booster for me

    This is a Good product for keeping me strong and healthy and free of flu and cold symptoms. I recommend it highly