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    Country:, North America, US

    City: -77.4728 Virginia, United States

  • IAN DOUGLAS - Excellent machine in its class

    I'm taking my time to write this review and there will be many updates along the way. I was very wary of buying any treadmill as the reviews seem to be all over the place.

  • Algernon7 - The force is strong with this one

    Go some mold up in your place? Well then son you need some of this here shizzle. One quick spray and BAM!!! you just ganked that funky fungus like it owed you large sums of legal tender and you were impatient to collect.

  • Timothy Poplaski - Want to add smarts to a lamp or appliance without a big up front investment? Want to give Alexa control? BUY THIS PLUG

    I've had two of the HS100 (no power metering) for a couple of months now. One is used to control my aquarium lights on a schedule and by Echo voice control. The other is used to turn off and on a large, LOUD, freezer in my storeroom when I need to do some work in there and want some quiet.

  • K. McW - Still looking good after 4 years.

    Works as advertised. Takes 6 to 8 week to see improvement. Takes a strong rain to wash what was killed off of the roof.

  • Michelle Edwards - Good version for kids!

    We really like this version but the reason for the four star was because there aren't many songs to buy in the online store of the xbox game. Other than that it has a good variety of music and fun dance moves. Most of the songs are appropriate for my kids too. (9 & 10)

  • Budgie Mom - Awesome product

    We purchased this product for our 2010 dual mode exhaust corvette husband installed it (no problem) and we were "roaring" down the highway in no time! Brings out the "kid" in us!!!!! It's nice because if you want the normal 'mild' sounding corvette, one click of the remote ..... done! Awesome product, well worth the price.