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  • Barbara Gentile - Workbook for the medical coding step-by-step

    You can't buy one without the other. This goes along with the Step By Step coding book and is a must have.

  • Kerry - Great item for price

    Great thermometer for use with babies, and less expensive than many competing no-touch thermometers. Reading can be a little finicky, however, if not close enough to baby's skin or if baby is moving too much.

  • Jason Wallace - No warning label!

    I've been using this as a fuel additive in all of my vehicles for the past few months, but now my pickup and my wife's car have been locked in vicious battle for the past two days. I swear to god if I hear one more thing out of those two about Decepticons and Autobots I'm going to lock them both in the garage and burn the house down. I wish there was some sort of warning label about this happening!

  • Gillian E. Lancaster - Great, easy way to exercise!

    This machine is great! It is simple to master, quiet enough to use while watching TV or listening to music and you don't have to leave home to use it. I've run out of excuses for not exercising since I bought it!