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  • Dani - VillaWare 2010 is great!

    I was originally skeptical about purchasing the VillaWare 2010 from Deal Yard; however, they had relatively good reviews, so I went ahead with the purchase. I was delighted to receive my waffle maker in a very timely fashion and in the manufacturer's box including warranty, directions, and all the usual goodies. We have been really pleased with the performance of the waffle maker thus far. It creates thick Belgian waffles that do not stick or tear during removal. The audible alarm is wonderful; it lets us know when the iron is hot and when the waffles are ready. We have had to set the timer to a setting higher than that recommended by the manufacturer, but have consistently turned out golden brown, crunchy-on-the-outside, tender-on-the-inside waffles. Clean up is fast and easy, just wipe out the crumbs. We've tried a recipe from Alton Brown that was quite tasty as well as the jalapeño and cheddar recipe in the instruction manual. The waffles are so thick, that I am considering ice cream and fruit toppings.

  • JayU - great for abs development without tradition exercises.

    If you think buying this belt is going to give you a 6 pack your wrong. A low calorie diet and lots of cardio will get you that. But once your body fat is down under 10-12%, this device works wonders. It works all the ab muscles and has 99 levels of intensity. it allows you to stimulate your abs muscles with out aggravating low back problems. I get more sore and tight from the slenderone belt than I do 30 minutes of ab exercises at the gym. The belt really isolates and intensely works the muscles.

  • rubylips - problem solved

    The antenna on my Equinox was too tall to fit through the entrance to my garage. The Stubby Antenna is just what I was looking for. It definitely is just what I needed. Works exactly the same as the original and looks great. It's nice and compact, just what I needed.

  • james e. - Worth every dime!!!!!!

    Worth every dime.!!!! Already jumped 20 percent right on practice test. Really need the book too!!!! WB6NOA is the best teacher!!!