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  • S. E. Southwell - A real eye opener!

    After years of comfort eating,several friends recommended the smart mix which I have been taking daily.In 8 weeks I have lost 25 lbs,no longer have cravings for bad food and enjoy eating sensibly.My headaches have drastically reduced along with my backache and joint pain.My blood pressure is normal and my cholestorol has decreased.Hopefully in time the price will go down,but in the meantime if health/weight issues are a concern,this product really works with no side effects~give it a try!

  • RObyn Ryan - Is this book unrealistic in it's time frame and diet regime?

    Although this book gives you a good basis in which to eat healthier, I lost only about 3 lbs over the first 10 days. I am a much pickier eater, so most of the recipes did not appeal to me, so I stuck to mostly beef and chicken and some vegetables, but followed the portion sizes. I completely cut out sugar and carbs. I also did 45 minutes of cardio almost every day (he recommends walking, but I was on the machines at the gym) with a little bit of weight work as well. Since I am 59 and through menopause, it may be that the weight is much tougher to lose, but I really only need to lose about 12 lbs. The book does not address this situation. Instead of blending all those vegetable and fruits (and avocado, which I do not like) for the morning shake, I use Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal. I was a huge addict to sugar (mostly candy and diet soda) and have all but cut that out with a small chocolate treat now and then. What the book did, was give me motivation to cut out all the junk and stay with a weight loss program to reach my goal, but I didn't wake up after 10 days and say, "Boy, I feel great". It's taken a little longer and it's more subtle.