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  • Joey - Go ahead

    For the price, you're not going to beat this camera. Struggles a bit in low-light situations, but other than that, picture is clear and crisp. Truly not worth much in 4k, but the 1080p/60fps is awesome. At this price, just buy it.

  • Kaidyn - They really work!

    For everyone that says that this doesn't work, it does. I just had court on Wednesday, 2/25/15, and they gave me a 10 panel drug test or something close to that, but anyways I passed 100% clean. How? I gave about 5 days to stay away from smoking and drank water everyday and cranberry juice. I woke up 3 hours early the day of my court date, drank about five 20oz bottles of water, then an hour before my court date and time, I drank it slowly and took my time. After that, I refilled it four times with water and drank them and then I didn't drink, smoke, eat, or anything till after my drug test. It works, just have to follow the instructions. Thank you!

  • AlliBaba - Terrible and Overrated

    I am very disappointed with this car seat. I bought it mainly because I was looking for a car seat that didn't use brominated or chlorinated flame retardants, and I also liked that it is rear-facing up to 50 lbs. But that's where the pros stop and the cons begin. First of all, my baby almost always naps in the car, but no matter how much we tried to recline this car seat (to the point where my knees are practically touching the dash in our large SUV) his head still slumps forward and he's so uncomfortable that he wakes up almost immediately. Secondly, but this is actually my biggest complaint, is that the harness straps are designed so poorly they cut into the side of his neck! They almost always leave red marks, even though we're extremely careful when we tighten the straps to do it very slowly and make sure they aren't cutting into him, but the last time we buckled him in he cried out because it pinched his neck and hurt him and left a bruise. This is unacceptable and a terrible design flaw and I'm angry my child was hurt, especially considering I'm paying a premium for this style of car seat that touts its high quality and superior design. The seat is also very hard. I had read reviews that it wasn't cushiony, but I was extremely surprised at how little padding it actually has. The material on the seat is also a rough texture, and my son gets very sweaty in it for some reason. His infant car seat was a Maxi Cosi and he loved being in it, but he isn't content in the Clek Fllo at all.

  • Jeremy - Gets Your Engine and Fuel System Clean

    Sea Foam seems to work well. After the first use, I noticed my car having increased accelerating ability and smoother idling. There was a bit of a strange smell at first, especially when first starting my car a few times. But I attribute that to the stuff the Sea Foam was knocking loose and cleaning off being burned away. Now the smell is gone, and my car is running like new again. This is all considering my car is a 2006 model with 140k+ miles on it.