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  • KG of Missouri - Looks great on my 2008 JKU

    Looks great on my 2008 JKU. The only issue is that my granddaughter thinks my Jeep is angry at her. Easy install.

  • Kristle Luna - I highly recommend this, if you follow the instructions you shouldn't ...

    Initially, (I have sensitive skin) when I applied this, it made certain parts of my face red and there was a slight burning sensation. However, Aveeno has never let me down so I read the instructions and used it based on how frequent to apply it for sensitive skin. I started out every other day, then once a day once my skin got used to it. It definitely works, my skin has an even natural skin tone now and my dark spots are gone! I highly recommend this, if you follow the instructions you shouldn't have any problems in my opinion.

  • Trish Gideon - It's ok.

    Keeps my beard from tangling up for about 3-4 hours then its like I might as well not used it, also has a smell all on its own not bad but not good just different. o and if you like your beard to look glossy for the 3-4 hours it works it is great for that.