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    You know the program is there but, does not feel it is there working in the back ground. It is fast program, feels light, and that is what I like about this program - WEBROOT SECURE COMPLETE. You want quality, you are getting a QUALITY program.

  • Justin Rohr - Good stuff

    Worked great, i'd recommend at least 1 can per wheel, depending on size and amount of clear you add, it'll use all of them.

  • Sandra - Love it

    This is the best cleanser. It removes makeup better than anything I've ever used -- no raccoon eyes in the morning or mascara on the pillow case. It can be used with or without water, which is great on-the-go, but I prefer to rinse it off with cool water. Just lovely.

  • Katie_editor4u - Buyer Beware. ZERO stars!

    Proactive is touted as being the #1 acne solution out there. It's pricey by itself and then add S&H--ouch! Worse, you get stuck in a revolving door of automatic re-order and their customer service sucks. Don't be conned by the magazine endorsements or the glossy commercials with famous personalities and 'every day' customers.

  • Maria Medley - It worked great for me

    I got this because I had impaired movement and a severe osteoarthritis in my left hip. It worked great for me. After my total hip replacement it has been a life saver as far as stretching, modified yoga moves, pilates moves and overall strength training. I'm getting back to my old self slowly but surely.

  • Roger V. Meeker - Where's Game 6, guys ... Come on!

    Sorry, but anyone labeling Joe Buck and Tim McCarver as Yankee and Red Sox apologists need to rethink their viewpoints. You may not care for their commentary - although I personally believe they're two of the very best in the business - but an "anti-Cardinal bias"? Say what? Anyone even mildly knowledgeable about the organization knows that they are both about as deeply rooted in St. Louis and Redbird history as one could imagine.

  • mrlysell - Not worth the time or money

    These oils are not like other high quality essentials. I have dealt with many many whole essential oils and they usually require a carrier oil because they are so strongly scented. These oils from this brand seem as if they are already diluted as the fragrance is very minimal. I have no doubt that they are 100 percent oil, just not complete essential oil. Poor product. Sorry guys :(