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  • torquemada - a history lesson like no other

    This and the second volume of planet rothschild are essential reads if you want to uncover the behind-the-scenes facts of events spanning the french revolution, WWI, WWII, and up to the developments we're all going through, in 2015. Also do yourself a favor and get 'mein side of the story'. all 3 books mentioned in my review are by MS King, and contain an extensive, verifiable bibliography demonstrating what leftist liberal media apologists and neocon puppets alike (the irony!), would discard as revisionist anti-semitism of a conspiracy theorist. Nothing but primary sources from the actors of the events themselves, were used to condemn them. Important events were highlighted and the reader is left to draw conclusions as some coincidences were just too well... coincidental (the WWI plague which came from America)!

  • Annya H. - I mean bad!! It looks like you have a disgusting ...

    This stuff leaves white flakes all over your hair the next day.. I mean bad!! It looks like you have a disgusting case of dandruff after a few hours of having this on your hair. I have no idea why my hairdresser recommended this garbage!