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  • Arin Patterson - This is a great thermometer if you have small kids that don't like ...

    This is a great thermometer if you have small kids that don't like to sit still! We love it and get a lot of use out of it! 5 STARS!!

  • R. Grant - Definitely not the best

    I've tried Align for several months, with no noticeable improvement. I've had intestinal gas and bloating since an attack of gastroenteritis while in China two years ago. The Align did not help at all. Digestive Advantage Intensive Bowel Support worked better and did give some relief, but my gut is still not where it was two years ago. I have consulted a gastroenterologist and had a $13,000 workup, including upper GI and colonoscopy, with little improvement, except what has occurred naturally and slowly since the attack of gastroenteritis. My intestinal flora appear to have changed, and Align did nothing to help it. Try something else.

  • Norma D. Ninfadore - Sturdy Fun Truck

    Bought as a collectible for a truck driver who lives in New Mexico. He really liked it. He said it was made very well and the details were great!!!!

  • Miranda - This is a good little tool

    This is a good little tool. My cat does not like to be combed, but he doesn't mind this grooming tool as much. Unfortunately, the metal comb only loosely removes the hair. I prefer the Furminator because it keeps all the hair in one clump. This one tends to make a mess because all the hair is floating around loose. It's a good option merely because my cat doesn't mind it - he's a short haired tuxedo cat, but his fur is very silky so it is hard to judge the effectiveness on coarse fur. Not as good as I thought it might be. I believe it would be excellent for more coarse haired animals, and I can see it working better on dogs who like to get dirty.

  • christina - Work great!!!! Best investment ever...

    These are the greatest headphones ever. My 9 year old uses them everyday. I cant hear his movies and he cant hear my music, great combination:) I recommend these to everyone who has a DVD player in their truck.

  • Dana King - Very nice

    Most comfortable cycling/walking shoe I have had. Wider than many cycling shoes, which often seem narrow.Understated, cushioned. Ordered 47 and I am usually 11.5.