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  • Maxwell J. Lamouria - Use with caution!

    IMO, this stuff goes beyond a gag or prank. It absolutely RUINS a room for 30 minutes. My daughter sprayed 2 pumps in our living room to try it out and we literally had to leave the house. This stuff is potent and smells worse than you could ever imagine. It was literally nausea inducing. This product gets 5 stars because it FAR exceeded my expectations for smell and lasting ability.

  • Claire C. - Good for Cooking, Not for Snacking

    I'm allergic to both milk and soy, so anything cheeselike is usually off the table for me. Not Daiya! I originally wasn't a huge fan of it, but after some experimenting have come to hold it in my repertoire as a good treat. I will say straight up that it is terrible for snacking right out of the bag. It's a rice based product and despite the added flavorings, it is just not good independently. However, it is great for cooking. It does melt well and makes a fairly creamy sauce, but it's not that gooey consistency I see in my friends' real cheese. My favorite use is in making pizza, though be careful not to overload the pie...less is more with Daiya. As someone else said, it is better if there are other flavors than the Daiya making up the bulk of your dish. I've used it for nachos (pass), macaroni-and-cheese and baked ziti (so-so), pizza (yummy if not overly used), tacos (great), and to spice up turkey melts (one of my favorite uses!). I like both flavors, but probably lean toward the mozzarella.

  • Nelson Z - Best Dance Game PS4

    Just Dance 2015 is a great game to play with friends. It is not as fun single player but when you have more people this game is great to play. The songs are up to date and popular but not all songs are free and you have to buy some of them whereas others rotate every few weeks. Recommend if you have friends and children over frequently.

  • Jessica (Peace Love Books) - Another Great One from RS Grey!

    I fell in love with RS Grey's writing when I read Scoring Wilder, but unfortunately haven't loved anything by her as much as that book since then. RS Grey has released some pretty great books, but I think that Liam Wilder has ruined me for all other men. That doesn't mean, though, that I haven't enjoyed all of her other books and the romances she's created. When I got this book, I couldn't wait to read Georgie's story and watch her fall in love in Italy.

  • Vincent - Great Product

    Enabled me to get a good look at the product before ordering. Product seems to be the most durable and most for the $$ compared to other brands.

  • kenneth daniel koch - A Mystical Unicorn Appears!

    This thing is huge! I was skeptical of it being as large as it is shown in the pictures but they give a very accurate size representation. this is made of a heavy duty plastic. This thing is too large to blow up by mouth so I recommend using a air compressor to blow up this monster! the colors look great and the seams of the rafts appear to be good. Time will be the true factor of this quality that this thing offers. But at this time this thing is just simply amazing.

  • L. Thorpe - no results

    I used this product faithfully and saw no results. It doesnt work well for stretch marks that are old and highly doubt if they will work for new ones as well, save your money!!!