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  • Lisa C. - Because you don't ALWAYS want/need to finish the bottle

    First of is how the product works. Instructions are via picture illustrations only and are pretty straightforward. First you put the two piece rubber stopper in the bottle. Next you put the vacuum pump on the top of the stopper/bottle. You hand pump the bottle until you hear a very audible "click" when the vacuum is reached. Remove the hand-pump and wa-la, your wine is preserved! To release the vacuum you just simply push the little gray "spindle button" in the center of the stopper to the side and you can again access your wine. This product works EXACTLY as advertised and the vacuum kept as long as I needed it to (48 hours) and did not leak at all when I stored the bottle on it's side in the wine rack. The product is easy to clean and the stopper is dishwasher safe (but not the vacuum pump). However, I just pulled the gray and black pieces of the stopper apart and hand washed them. Easy peasy. Great quality product at a great price point. Would be an excellent gift for the wine lover you know.

  • Bay Buyer - OLD FASHIONED...

    Old fashioned and it works. Smells so good, like Farm Days, and Grandmother giving it to me for allergies, asthma or a cold! J.R. Watkins is an old company that makes great products and spices...all my kitchen spices are from them...and their products really work!

  • 006BEB - They do the trick great. Love that they can be a flashlight to ...

    They do the trick great. Love that they can be a flashlight to zero in the light or a lantern for overall light. Very clever design.

  • Rick B - BUYER BEWARE... No customer support

    purchased software 30 days ago. went to do another backup and software showed update available for it. downloaded and tried to install it came back could not install update as operating system wasn't supported?? i hav windows 7 and installed originally ok. kicker was when i wanted support could not do as it stated 30 days was up? my account said expire Oct 1. today is Oct 1. i would think company would want to know they may have a problem. bottom line don't buy an unsupported product

  • Carol A. - Not the best.

    This was nothing like I expected. There seemed to be no substance to the stories I read. When you thought you had 1 more page, no quick stop. None were to interesting either. I didn't finish the whole book, so I may go back and try again. I don't usually quit on a book.