BJP Laboratories Pty Ltd - TGA certified and GMP accredited contract manufacturers of listed medicines and health supplements. Manufacturing more than 450 different formulations.

  • Services | - BJP Laboratories offer various services, manufacturing capsules, powders, tablets, sachets, liquids and various packing options
  • About Us | - BJP Laboratories is located in Yatala, between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Accreditations BJP Laboratories is TGA/GMP production facility
  • Contract Manufacturing / Packaging | - Whether we produce the capsules for you, or you import or supply bulk capsules, tablets, soft gels and powders, we will pack to your specification.
  • Small Batch Manufacturing | - BJP Laboratories will work with you to develop your range of products starting off with small batches to test the market.
  • Probiotic Manufacturing | - BJP Laboratories in one of the leading manufactures when it comes to Probiotics.Our specialised manufacturing site has been designed specifically to handle
  • Boost Your Immunity | - Benefits Of Boosting Your Immunity With Probiotics When the word ‘bacteria’ is spoken, the most common reaction of people is disgust because of the
  • Consume Probiotics | - On a general note, the best time to consume probiotics is now—today! However, more specifically, it is recommended that you take probiotics twice a day.

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  • mudbone - The 2016 Accord Touring is a fun car to drive.

    I sold a 2013 Accord EX sedan with 2.4 engine and CVT and bought the 2016 Accord Touring coupe. This car is a lot of fun to drive. It has a lot of power and sounds really cool when accelerating. I was also extremely surprised by the gas mileage I'm getting. I average around two miles less to the gallon than I did on my 2013 as long as I keep my foot out of the accelerator. However it is so much fun to drive that has been hard to do:) They also really improved the road noise issue I had with the 2013. All the onboard electronics are really cool too. I use the adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist more than I thought I would. If I had to add any suggestions for improvement it would be for Honda to better eliminate blind spots on the coupe. Right turns are not an issue with the camera but I've had to get in the habit of looking to my left before turning left. That would be my only complaint but otherwise I absolutely love this car. I ended up buying a white Touring as another reviewer noted that they are hard to get. I originally wanted to order a San Marino red one but for some reason it was unavailable. However I am really glad I got the white one so no regrets there.

  • Ebony Orchid - 2011 Girlfriends - A Sistah's Sentiments Calendar

    My sister gave me this calendar for Christmas. I love it! The words are very inspiring and the art is beautiful.

  • DeanD - Buy four and make a bullet proof vest!

    Feels good, man! Solid like a tank, Key spacing is generous, not cramped together to save space like most keyboards. This thing is big and is comfortable, the same way a '63 Caddie convertible was. Keys do not take a lot of force to press, but the 'feel' is there. The sound is muted a bit, not as clacky as I expected it would be (this is my first mechanical keyboard since the old IBM keyboards back in the 80's and I remember them being fairly loud). I haven't had a chance to play with the macro features yet, and the glowing keys are kind of cool but not really necessary.

  • Amazon Customer - Inconsistent/Possibly Nonexistent Effects

    This product either does not work or it does not work consistently, I took it for three weeks, as directed, and some days it might have helped, but many of the days I felt nothing or even increased brain fog/fatigue. Obviously everyone's brain is different, but for me they are not effective. For this price I want something that I can count on.