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  • Daniel - Love this. I had a Teraflex HD stabilizer on ...

    Love this. I had a Teraflex HD stabilizer on and it couldn't stand up to anything. This one arrived quickly and packaged nicely. I don't understand people's problems with the instructions as I found them pretty easy to follow. It took me and my 4yr old a grand total of 2 hours to install this, uninstall it, and install it again. I had to replace the factory tie rod because the bend in the driver's side is right where the stabilizer lands if you measure out correctly. This puts that sides shock at an awkward angle. On the passenger side you will have to deal with the mounting brackets at the end of that shock rubbing the factory mounting bracket when you turn the tires completely that direction. You can just roll the Skyracker mounting bracket a little forward if you are comfortable with that. I also needed to bend the name plate up as it rubs the tie rod to the point that you might end up with some gnarly grooves in it. Other then those minor (and adjustable) issues, I have enjoyed the feel it puts into my Jeep Wrangler (2007). I have 35 inch tires and there is no wiggle from the steering wheel when I hit rough terrain. It's a bonus that it looks sexy as all hell too.

  • vintage girl - Great buy!!

    I am very pleased with these Essential oils! For around 12$ I was very skeptical on the quality. They exceeded my expectations! Scents are wonderful & true and actually better smelling then some of the more expensive ones I've purchased. I always hated the orange eo but this brand it actually smells like sweet fresh picked oranges and is now one of my favorites! I definitely recommend these!

  • Sona - Tried pampers from nearby CVS and ordered bulk on amazon ...

    Tried pampers from nearby CVS and ordered bulk on amazon. Could not tolerate the chemical smell !! Initially thought , we may not have paid attention to smell with Pampers from CVS. After reading reviews of fake pampers, tried again to compare with store bought ones. These are so ridiculously chemical smelling... sent them back immediately

  • Anton E - Love it!

    This is a great pillow for me I like to lay in bed and watch TV and I have notice that my neck doesn't hurt when I use this pillow The pillow is perfect not to stiff but not to soft either and the cover is really soft and can be removed to be washed I have used it at night as a knee pillow because I have knee problems also and it works good also. I am very happy with this pillow.