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  • Kristin Taylor - Fabulous!

    I personally love this stuff. I had only taken it for about a month and lost 5 pounds. To the people saying they hated it because they got a stomach ache or gas - if you're eating an unhealthy diet and all of a sudden start taking probiotics (the full dose), you're going to feel it! You're likely to feel it in the form of gas or a stomach ache, or headache. It's because it's getting rid of the excess yeast and other garbage in your body. Start small and work up to the full dose. After taking it for a few weeks you'll start feeling much better.

  • isaiah.winkel - Great product

    lol I actually use this thing all the time. Me and the girlfriend buy things that are ugly for cheap and just repaint it with valspar spray paint. This cheap thing gets the job done. It gives you steady control and not too much over spray. I painted some vases that I got for cheap that were and ugly green and this is what i used. If i needed more i would buy more.

  • Daniel S. Stackhouse, Jr., Ph.D. - Critical, but fair.

    I did not vote for the President, but I personally like him. This documentary helped me understand why. He clearly has been influenced by his father in terms of radical (and I do mean RADICAL) politics, but he is completely unlike his womanizing, irresponsible father in the way he conducts his personal life. "2016" revealed what lies at Mr. Obama's core.

  • BettieC - doesnt work

    did not work. purchased two boxes, and it still did not do what it was supposed to do..dont waste your money

  • A. Smith - Color is nothing like the picture...

    The bag itself seems great, but the actual color is nothing like the picture. While this one looks grey on both ends with a brighter purple in the middle, the actual product had a very dark denim fabric on either end, and a much darker purple in the middle. The denim especially wasn't what I expected from the picture, and I decided there was just no way I could use it in a professional setting, so I had to return it. The color of the second one I bought was labeled "granite," and it too was different from the picture-- much darker. I still liked it enough to keep it, but in general, don't trust the pictures on this Amazon listing-- I'd suggest doing some google image searches for the color you're interested in to see what it really looks like.

  • b. schmidt - okay but could be better

    good app, nice updates on players. won't allow you to customize your draft list or assign negative values. overall decent.