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  • patricia caminos - This company has the worst service. It does not stand by their warranty

    I purchased a belt from this company with a 2 year warranty. Their gel pads have to be purchased separately and I purchased 3 sets of these. After about 7 months using the belt, the belt stopped working. I thought it was the pads, so i bought more. They did not solve the issue either so i contacted customer service. Arthur was incredibly rude and would not help me. I tried to escalate to management but that is impossible. So i called in and was told to mail back the belt with the controller and they would send me a new one. I did so and about 2 weeks later I got a belt but no controller. the belt cannot work without the controller. I talked to arthur again in customer service who told me I did not send the controller back and refused to send me another one. I don't understand this company. They have a good product but they are not standing by their claim of 2 year warranty. Do NOT Buy this belt unless you want to keep dumping $200 into a new belt. the belt will not last more then one year and its one of these companies who when you go to claim the warranty, they give you a really hard time. Not worth it. The belt it not that great.

  • Gary - Don't waste your money on this crap

    Doesn't Amazon check out it's products they sell or at least read the reviews? Amazon needs to stop allowing products that are just a scam. Don't waste your money on this crap.. 10' x 10' area? Really... Try raking the soil, buy reputable grass seed, cover the seed with soil and water well at least once per day. For the same price you can cover 10,000 square feet.. No, I didn't buy this crap, and anyone with a brain wouldn't send them a penny.

  • Hiya - My favorite stroller!

    I search and search baby strollers before purchasing this one. I love love love it. Although its not perfect (what baby stroller is) its pretty darn close. Lets just jump right into it.