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  • R. Hartmann - We have been using RID-X since 1994 when we installed ...

    We have been using RID-X since 1994 when we installed our septic tank for our new, under construction house. Never had a problem with the septic tank. In fact, in 2012 we were building a separate garage with a guest room upstairs, and I wanted to tie into the exiting septic tank. Once we had the tank exposed, I called in a septic pump company to pump out the tank. There was NO SLUDGE or SOLIDS, just liquid. I use RID-X once a month.

  • Cosmic - Endurance

    Very sturdy bag. I sometimes pack this very tight and the stitching is still like new. On several other similar bags I've owned, the zipper is usually the first place where the stitching starts to come apart, but on this bag there are no zippers on the corners or edges of compartments so when it gets packed tightly, the weaker zipper areas do not get stressed.

  • Deidre Lin - Great book for people just starting out ...

    I've been oil pulling for years off and on. When I first started out, there were no books on the market to guide and help with this remedy. This book bridges that gap and very successfully.

  • Z. Pierre - Don't waste your money

    The question selection is terrible and the answers are even worse. "what does a police detective carry in his pocket?" why are there 7 answers to that question? You poop out after the first 3... It takes too long to type in answers to the questions. This game is just poorly done, and I am saying this as someone who absolutely loves the tv show. Save your money.

  • Duane E - Don't Expect Any Support!

    This is my second year using this software for filing our LLC and since our return for 2012 was accepted with no hassles and no audits - I thought I'd try it again.

  • Bluemoon Ink - Worth Every Penny

    Bought as Christmas present and we LOVE this product! I was very hesitant to purchase after reading some of the negative reviews, but its potential finally got me to fork over the $399. It was ABSOLUTELY WORTH it. This is my first review, but felt I should post one as I almost didn't buy because of negative reviews and would have missed out on an amazing little tool that we've found extremely helpful. A little hiccup in setup - it doesn't play nice with a USB hub, prefers to be directly connected to the computer, but other than that, no problems. Yes, it doesn't always put all the info in the exact correct location, but it does learn (lots of Target receipts, gas bills, that kind of thing) and then does put in correctly the next time. No, not perfect, but I'm not sure how it could get all the info input perfectly with so many variables (receipt/bill size, fonts, wording, varying layouts, etc.). So we found it amazing that it did as well as it did. Scanner works perfectly and is very fast! With a little time up front in setting up categories (and trying to be consistent with them) and you have an amazing, at-your-fingertip filing system. We hate filing in our house and so now, after the Neat Desk (which by the way, is a very apt product name), that daunting pile of mail & filing goes first in the Neat Desk and then into the shredder. Love it and so glad I decided to take a chance and buy it; just in the short time we've had it, its worth every penny in the time its saved me!