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  • Susan - Nice gloss but doesn't plump.

    If you are looking for a nice lip gloss that is more on the nude side, this is it. It does nothing to plump, however. I do like the tingling sensation it gives.

  • Tony - Very loud, So far Good, EXCEPT: causing my music to stop playing randomly and repeatedly?

    So far, so good with one exception. I've been using my regular Bluetooth headphones for a while, and as my review noted, I really like them. Except for one thing, their volume has gone down so much they were pretty much useless during airline flights where the ambient noise made the music indiscernible. To save me from crying kids and give me my music, I ordered these Senso headphones. They look nice and synch'd up easily. They are capable of very loud volume (YES!) and a default heavy base (I had to ramp that down for some music). I took them for a bike ride and sweated like the pig that I am and the functioned well, the only problem being excessive wind noise. This may be because I used the standard buds instead of trying a larger set--I'll find out. The ONLY disturbing feature, and the reason why one star has been docked, is because when I use these earphones, the music player on my Samsung Galaxy S7 will randomly stop playing. No reason, warning or anything given. I have to then unlock the screen, and hit "play" again. Is this something anyone else is having problems with?

  • Jamie - Love!

    I've had my set for almost 5 years and I LOVE them just as much as I did when I first got them...if not more. I use at least one piece a day and just this morning, I washed 3 of them. They have held up great and the non-stick on them is still perfect. Would not hesitate to buy them again.

  • Karen - Book is biased against moderate and leftist colleges and students

    The authors of this book implemented a red light, yellow light, green light system supposedly for the purpose of rating tolerance on college campuses. Generally speaking, liberal colleges receive the red or yellow light designations, while conservative schools receive green light designations. Even left-leaning colleges and universities known to be very academically focused schools where students do not have time for political activism do not necessarily receive green lights. A whole host of conservative schools (SMU, BYU, and Baylor University, to name a few) that are well-known to be intolerant of liberalism are "awarded" green lights. How can you possibly justify awarding a green light for "tolerance" to a school such as BYU that kicked an athlete who admitted to pre-marital sex off the team?


    Forget "Christian propaganda". Asylum films is simply trying to make a buck by making cheap knock-offs of popular movies by producing similar themes and near identical titles. I bought this for $5 at Walmart, and I am sorely tempted to soak in in gasoline and toss it in the air so I can shoot it with a shotgun and get some satsifaction out of this abomination.