Acheter Baclofène | Achat Baclofène en ligne - Le Baclofène est un médicament générique utilisé pour lutter contre les douleurs musculaires. Baclofene (Lioresal) 10mg, 25 mg pas cher

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  • A. Martin - Nope, Didn't Work for Me

    Did not work for my arthritic thumbs! The ingredients are not pain killers so it's no wonder. But what does seem to be working is ginger essential oil mixed with coconut oil and applied as a plaster using a large bandaid that wraps around my thumbs. Getting the ginger capsules on the way now. It has a better track record as an anti-inflammatory than this "beauty cream" that did nothing. Maybe it's good for easing pain in soft tissue or muscle, but not arthritis.

  • Sarah M Rush - 49 at my local Pharmacy for this product and this product did nothing except waste my money

    Save your money. I spent $46.49 at my local Pharmacy for this product and this product did nothing except waste my money. Burt's Bees Poison Ivy Soap ($7) plus calamine lotion ($5) plus benedryl ($6) does a much better job (if you don't need to go to the Doctor for a shot).

  • V. M. Buck - Clogs all the time

    My luminess air system gets used about once a month, which I thought was weird that it started clogging all the time even though I clean it really well after each use. The spring handle area doesn't work, so I have to take it apart and put it back together not just every single use to get it to work but half way through a use, otherwise it just is limp and doesn't spray any foundation at all. Then I email customer service who treats me like an idiot and tells me to do what I'm already doing, then tells me to call customer service which tells me there is nothing they can do. Terrible product, terrible service. Will never purchase anything from them ever again, not even a good paperweight.

  • Debra L. West - Price Cheaper.

    This is an excellent product! I purchased mine directly from Simple Sugar. I highly encourage you to do so. The pricing is more than 50% less than Amazon. I love Amazon but this markup is way to high.