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  • SeaDog - Painless Perfection!!!!!!

    OMG, Sweet Mother of Jesus, this thing is awesome. We've never had one, so we figured we'd shoot for a middle of the road one. I spit out thing stuck in there from when I was 3!!!! Seriously, I NOTICE my teeth are whiter and my wife notices. For the money...I don't know what to say. I'm still licking my teeth just to feel how clean they are. This thing is amazing and I would recommend it to my Mother and all of my family. In fact, they might actually see this one again in December. Great gift idea, after you get your own that is!!! I was blown away at how many years this thing shaved off my teeth. I used to smoke cigars and now I vape.....ziiiiip, gone. It tore all the tar right off. Plaque be for warned, you are out of there. It's like shaving the barnacles off the bottom of a boat... :P Oh and with no pain, NO PAIN. Did I mention comfortably, and no pain. We were worried about the pain and were really surprised at how minimal even around known sore areas. There was a little mmmm, but not bad. Not bad enough to stop. Pretty much painless.

  • cubana - WWE smack down vs raw review

    I think that this game is very good because it has very good graphics and they pay alot attention to the small details. and I like the training facility because it is always there I also like that you can choose who can be champions and I also like that you can find cheat codes to unlock certain things with them.I hope many more people buy this game.when people come to my house they always love to play - jeremias mata

  • Maria L. Pantoja - This works if you follow-though with it!

    I really liked doing this 21 day cleanse. I lost 8.5 lbs and felt lighter, healthier, with a clearer mind and slept really well. I gave this to my 13 year old son too since he is going through depression. I read it helps with that too. We had a shake in the morning and a shake at night. It helped clear his mind from suicidal thoughts. Once I was done with the 21 day cleanse I ordered a 2nd container mainly for him and he is doing well. I noticed that towards the end of the cleanse I was not losing anymore weight only inches which is much better although we always want to see the scale drop. What I started doing today is 3 days of kitosis which is protein, veggies and water every 2 hours. This speeds up your metabolism since shocks your body and you start to lose weight. On the 4th day I eat every 3 hours and can have my 2 shakes per day and eat protein, veggies and carbs. I found that plan under preguntale a el entrenador. He has a 7 day eating plan or 30 day eating plan. I did this a few years ago and lost about 18 lbs. it works!! He recommends vita source. I have not tried it but I will since the reviews are good too.

  • Jacob Mason - Such a Shame

    I'm very disappointed that EA has chosen to treat us all like criminals. I've always enjoyed Will Wrights games, and have been looking forward to Spore for years. I am not a criminal, and I refuse to pirate these games, so there is unfortunately no way I can play this game. Well, atleast the criminals who are willing to pirate it will be able to play unhindered, good thinking EA! I'm angry that I've spent several hundred dollars with EA in the past, and this is how they treat me. I will not do business with them again until these issues are resolved.

  • ss284 - Easy to use, no mess glue.

    I bought this to re-attach some pieces to a jewelry armoire and it worked great. Easy instructions and it did not smell too strong either. I would feel confident using it for other furniture gluing as well.