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  • Jim McClure - 5 Star Reviews Are Bogus Don't Trust Them

    This product DOES NOT work as shown in their video. The 5 star reviews you see are bogus reviews put there to battle the bad reviews. Look at the other products they have reviewed and you will see NONE. Those reviewers only reviewed THIS PRODUCT. When you look at some of the bad reviews and see the other products they have reviewed you will see many other reviews. The good reviews on this product are quite clearly LIES to battle the bad reviews this product deserves.

  • Jason and Amanda - Love them

    These garden shears are just wonderful. These are a decent little set of pruning shears. They are VERY sharp and cut cleanly without crushing the branches. I like the smaller one with the pointed tip. It makes it easier to do more precise trimming of smaller plants. I used it on my miniature roses, which were in dire need of some cleaning up. These things slipped right in between all the close branches very easily. The pointed shears have a leather strap to lock it closed. I suspect that may not last a long time. The other has a mechanism that pivots. It works well and is easy to turn. Did I mention that these things are sharp? Use care that you don't slide a finger across the cutting surface of those blades! Great product.

  • Cathy - Good product! :-)

    I like the taste, that the servings are in individual packets. The only sshortcoming is that it doesn't stir well, you need to use a shaker or a mixer! I like it and will reorder!! :-)

  • Audrey Boeding - Ringo has still got it!

    My son and girlfriend were at this particular show. I loved seeing and hearing it again with them.. I love Ringo...I'm of his era.

  • ARBE - Good idea, poor execution

    My wife loves her roombas, yes roombas - we have owned 5 of these (one is actually a scooba). While not as effective as a full sized vacuum, they do pick up a lot of dirt and pet hair. Unfortunately, they are unreliable. Every one we have owned has ceased to function within 2-3 years. The rechargeable batteries in the roomba go bad after 12 - 14 months and cost $90 to replace. The sensors get clogged with dust and dirt and need to be cleaned with compressed air once a month. The units then fail altogether and need to be replaced every 2- 3 years. All that and these babies are $300 - $500 a piece. Over a 20 year period, you might have to replace as many as 10 of these. The most expensive Dyson is $650 and will probably last 20 years - no, I don't own a Dyson, but my wife's Hoover is 22 years old and works fine.

  • Cherry - ... back seat mirror makes the driving experience so much better and less stressful

    The back seat mirror makes the driving experience so much better and less stressful. The mirror is big enough to cover the head rest, so I can always get a clear visual.