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Country:, Europe, PT

City: -9.1333 Lisbon, Portugal

  • B. T. Rogers - Review

    This game is somewhat challenging and it is fun to play. It has a variety of different types of gameplay to choose from. The 2009 version I thought was made very poorly but they outdid themselves on this 2010 version. If you have played any versions of this game, you should enjoy this one.

  • SoWeGA - Hated it on the first try, waited almost a year and now I'm in LOVE!!!

    I have 4a type hair with a large patch of 3b hair in the front. I bought the KCCC last summer without purchasing the KCKT due to budget issues. I was newly natural at that time and wanted to figure out how to maintain my curls after wetting my hair.

  • Sadie_Zadie - Not a miracle cure, but a very nice product

    I got pretty desperate and was willing to spend the money on this- I have moderate-severity acne on my jaw/face and nothing else has helped. I've been using it about 2 weeks now. The first week I would say it made my acne worse, according to the website that is normal, so I dealt with it (used it roughly 2X a day with some spot treatment at night). The past week I have been using it closer to 1X per day, and I have found that it has improved my skin, and has reduced the blemishes significantly. I am still getting some acne, but much less severe. Of course, it can be hard to tell if this is just a natural part of the gets better/gets worse cycle, but I do think my skin has noticeably improved and I would attribute it to the product. It just feels smoother and clearer, and not like I have another breakout lurking- so I do recommend this, and I say this as a total skeptic of most "miracle cure!" style products.

  • Judith R. White - I really like this product and have lost approximately 10 lbs in ...

    I really like this product and have lost approximately 10 lbs in 2 weeks but not a lb a day as advertised. There's the taste of alcohol to the drops but other than that no taste. I recommend this product and have ordered my 2nd bottle. I use the B 12 add on with it.

  • Joey Stanley - May be a nice supplement to the books but over priced for a ...

    Don't expect to buy this, listen to it, and pass your test. May be a nice supplement to the books but over priced for a suppliment. Very boring and repetitive.

  • M Bry - works great

    We had purchased a LaCrosse WS-2010 weather station several years ago and the outdoor temperature sender failed. We purchased this replacement sender and it was easy to install and started working withoout any problems...we are satisfied with this purchase.