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  • neoharra - okay ... but

    My 1000sq.ft. home is built on a cement slab and surrounded by fifty ft. high pine trees. consequently it is very damp. I placed three Damp Rid bags and one small canister around my house and within a few days they were full of water, proving their excellent ability to remove moisture ... however, the package stated that the product is safe for pets. THIS IS NOT TRUE!!! Within three days, my miniature poodle began to cough and vomit a white foam containing fine crystals. My vet said it was definitely from inhaling the vapor from the Damp Rid bags and gave him a shot. I took the bags down and threw them out and within three days, my dogs coughing and vomiting stopped, but he has refused to eat anything since then, three days now. Obviously his throat is irritated. PLEASE, if you have pets, be careful of where and how many of the Damp Rid bags you use.

  • Stephanie - Big Disappointment

    I have 3 Kipling purses and like them like especially for their zippered and Velcro pockets. This bag has hardly any of these. The inside pocket is attached only on one side. The exterior zippered pocket is narrow and the slit pocket has no closure. The list price for this is $89. No way is it worth that. I paid $44 for it and no way is it worth that.