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  • James M. Cook - It dechlorinates bleach!

    I use Seachem Prime to refresh my bags of Seachem Purigen. it works extremely well and was advised in the Purigen instructions to use this after soaking the packets in bleach for 24 hours. Prime does the trick. I haven't tried conditioning tap water as I use an RO/DI system for my fresh water needs in my reef tank, but if it can take straight bleach, water shouldn't be an issue at all. Works like a charm.

  • Rich - It makes me smell the way I really want to smell after a nice long shower and before walking out the door

    I have been using Versace for more than 25 years. It makes me smell the way I really want to smell after a nice long shower and before walking out the door. The ladies praise me for the unique, glorious scent I leave behind when I pass by them. I get a lot of compliments.

  • Penny Gname - Worked great on my new stainless steel stuff.

    So far it is working really well to remove smudges and water droplet stains from my sink and range hood. Just bought it yesterday. Only issue I had was I put the lid back on and shook the product and even with the lid on, it splattered around my kitchen. I won't do that again!

  • James E. Stewart Sr. - Think Long and Hard before BUYING.

    I had this product running and upgraded to Windows 8.1 and was unable to get ANY support when the system stopped working. I sent numberous e-mails and after a week no reply so keep in mind before you BUY.

  • Linux MacWindows - Works as Advertised - Two Thumbs Up

    This product works as advertised and exceeded my expectations. I used Quixx to remove scratches on the front fender of a Harley-Davidson Road King Classic. The fender's color was Vivid Black. For non-motorcycle people, the Harley fenders are painted sheet metal just like your car and cost nearly $500 to replace. Fixing and painting yourself is not an option unless you work in a paint shop.