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Country:, Europe, PL

City: 19.9802 Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Poland

  • Jackie - VillaWare 2010 Uno Pro Waffle maker

    We love this waffle maker. The waffles come out just as if you ordered it at a restaurant. I broke the first one we had and it still worked for a few years, but I finally decided to order another one. The new one works great, just like the old one did.

  • Troop Gug - A real pain to install on multiple computers.

    For ease of install, this gets a zero. I purchased 4 laptops for my kids. Each had a 1 month trial of LiveSafe on it. You are not able to just enter the code and extend the subscription. I contacted McAfee. You have to uninstall the trial version. McAfee then wants you to run a program from their site called MCPR which uninstalls every McAfee program from you computer. Then you need to download a fresh install of LiveSafe for each computer. Then reinstall the non-LiveSafe software that MCPR uninstalled. It took me hours to get this thing up and running.

  • L. A. mitchell - The berry flavored taste much much better. I have suffered from fibromyalgia for 27 years

    The berry flavored taste much much better. I have suffered from fibromyalgia for 27 years. Since taking The Greens, I have had minimal to no pain. When you live with pain for 27 years it is amazing to have a product that helps. I am not a distributor only a customer. I have nothing to gain by saying the product works. but, it really does! I am amazed. I also feel so much better. I feel healthier and my complection is better as well.