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  • Justin B. - Average

    This book landed me a 154 Quant. and 159 Verbal, which are just slightly above average scores. I only scored in the 11th percentile though on the writing section, which I didn't study for. So I highly recommend if you get this at least practice the writing a little bit. And make sure you access the online material because they have more questions there and will get you more comfortable with that aspect because the real test is computer format. So overall, it was a decent book and perhaps even a good starting point, but if you want a 165+ you should invest in other, more advanced prep books.

  • Jude - Oil pulling

    Great info, have been following suggestions for about 2 months and noticed teeth whiter and gums healthier. Easy to do and not costly. Would recommend this book to anyone.

  • Astoria - I found out about these bad boys and did some research and quickly bought a ...

    Okayyyyy, so I recently bought a pack from Walmart for 5$ and some change and I am impressed!!!! I don't currently have a cycle but I recently stopped using birth control and have been spotting for about a month. I found out that l could spot for up to 5 months and was really upset about that because I don't want to not have sex for 5 whole months. I found out about these bad boys and did some research and quickly bought a box. LET ME TELL YOU, it's true, they are comfortable and it is mess free while having sex and you don't feel them during intercourse either!!!! I felt compelled to write this review soon after a intamite night because I was nervous. Plus I've never used any sort of menstrual cup before. And it was like it wasn't even in there. 5 stars, 10/10, highly recommended. I saw some reviews were women said they had difficulties taking it out. I'm not sure why, but removal is easy and simple. Plus you can use them up to 12 hours. This is not a game. Ladies, you need these. Get you pack and prepare to forget about your period.

  • StrawberryJoe - Good Value for the Money

    We purchased this model from BrandSmart, in an Atlanta, GA suburb. Delivery and setup went well and the refrigerator / freezer / ice maker appear to work as advertised. As indicated by another buyer, the ice maker delivers crushed ice and cubed ice very slowly, but we can live with it. We noticed that the refrigerator section took many hours to cool down to our desired 34 degree setting, and only with the help of the power cooling feature. Once it reached the set temperature it seemed to maintain it without difficulty. We upgraded to this from a 24-year old, no-frills, top-freezer Frigidaire, so we have a bit of a learning curve to negotiate. All things considered, it appears to be good value for the money.

  • DBriggs - Intuit Likes to Lie

    SO I just got off the phone with Intuit for a Tech Support Call. The refused to help me till I upgraded. I am currently on QB Pr 2008. Then they quoted me 199.99 for the product if I upgraded right then and there, but warned me if I called back it would be 229.00. While on the phone I pulled up Amazon and let them know that the price on Amazon was only 129.00. The tech support rep then told me if I bought the Amazon version i would be buying a "bootleg copy" and that they would freeze all my database files for using stolen software. When I told him I doubted that Amazon was selling copied software, he pretty much hung up on after telling me that If I wanted to take that chance then so be it.

  • Beth - Even greater on the kindle

    The app is beautiful and easy to navigate on the kindle. The graphics are sharp and I love the online access to the magazine with a subscription. I also love the added features of music samples and authors reading their work. Highly recommended.

  • L. Kline - Good Product, Horrendous customer service

    I ordered the thirty day supply from the company website to try the product. I love the cleanser! If I was just rating the product it would be five stars easy. The tone of my skin improved, pores are smaller and it looks firmer. I was very happy with the cleanser. The other products didn't wow me. I don't have dry skin and hardly ever use a moisturizer anyway so the other products just don't interest me.