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  • seekinsp - Good visibility day or night

    Only one word describes these lights....Kewl! Easy to install and adds a real customized touch to your BRZ or FRS. Initially I was worried about the visibility of the turn signals and brake lights during the day through the smoke lenses, but they are surprisingly bright. Not as bright as clear lenses, but bright enough for the person behind me to know what I am doing. Obviously these lights look most impressive at night and I have not seen anybody on my commute that has these installed. They have only been installed a couple of days and I have already received numerous compliments. Valenti also has an ice blue version available and I was toying with the idea of getting these instead as my car is a Galaxy Blue BRZ, however the smoke lenses match my tinted windows perfectly and I am very happy!

  • Mike - Incredibly useful and great value... needs a couple of tweeks

    First... if you have a lower leg injury, don't hesitate. For the money, I can't imagine a better value. I specifically waited about 10 days to write this review so I had some time with the iWalk and could give a review that might be helpful.

  • Kristi - Changed my life

    Received this knife as a gift for my 18th birthday. Wish I'd have known what it was because as soon as I touched it, I grew a mustache and became a Navy Seal. Mom fainted and my dad laughed and handed me a beer. I was born a girl.

  • Shawn Sic - Fair at best

    Goliath started out promising enough introducing us to the main characters and setting the stage for plot to unravel. Billy Bob plays his character very well, but some of the others, especially the villain lawyer ex partner seem rediculously cartoonish. This series like many others borrows the time sped up trippy effect that everybody stole from the Breaking Bad series. There are too many female blonde characters such that they get mixed up frequently. The series also has an aggressive power lesbian that seems tacked on and does not add much to the story. I give it a 2/5 because I watched it all the way but cannot recommend it. To quote my wife "there goes 10 hours of my life I'll never get back."