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  • Jonathan C Beaty II - Lucid thinking and a chilling premise

    Hartmann, who has written many books, is a thoughtful and widely read Progressive, and the Crash of 2016 is guaranteed to make you stop and think. What he is basically saying here is that about every four generations the 1% class ends up with all the money in the economy and there is a crash because the people don't have enough money to pay for manufactured goods...or food. This is a repetitive cycle, and Hartmann says it is coming around again.

  • Andrews - Useful Program Seemingly As Advertised

    I should probably wait until I don't hear from the IRS before saying how good the program was, but so far I'm glad I purchased it. This was my first time with tax preparation software. There is a learning curve (at least for me) in understanding what information they are asking for with each question. But with the ability to enter through the questions or by entering directly on the forms, I was able to figure it out. And by watching where my data was entered and in which of the various forms I found the answers on how to account for the sale of a Master Limited Partnership. This package supposedly included access to free tax advice. Of course at the end of the tax year, getting answers via phone or e-mail is difficult as I'm sure all employees are extremely busy. The time I spent a half hour on the phone I did reach a human, but found that he could only help me operate the program which was useful in of itself, but didn't answer my questions about how a tax situation should be handled. I eventually did get the e-mail address and e-mailed back and forth a couple of times with their office of supposed experts. I found the answers I received weren't very useful. I couldn't match up the step by step instruction they sent with the program. I believe that I eventually figured it out myself when I discovered that this MLP has a special way in which the sale is reported to the individual partner. If it weren't for my questions regarding the MLP, it probably would have taken me about one hour to finish both Federal and state taxes using this program.

  • BobP - Except for one correctable flaw runs great!!

    No problems at all getting it connected to my ISP, Suddenlink. If you have Windows 7 you do not need the installation disk that comes with it, except for the user guide, which is a little sparse. Win 7 will install the necessary device drivers. I found it very easy to set up my wireless network, security settings, and port forwarding.

  • Juhi - Useless, does nothing, waste of money

    Have used this cream every day religously, ever since I received it, but there hasn't been an iota of difference in my under-eye puffiness and dark circles I would not recommend this product.