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  • Tom K. - Ok story, but very unrealistic characters

    The main plotline is very classic (interstellar war, lost spaceship, humans galaxy's last hope), and written reasonably well. But the book really lacks realism in the characters and much of the backstory.

  • Dr. Timothy Hatchett - Five Stars

    It's great to have all the "Purple One's" appearances in film all together... Prince we miss you!

  • A. Heath - More fruits of awareness from a master teacher

    If you are familiar with Frank Kinslow's teaching from books, cds, and workshops, you will know that he is your guide to the non-experience of pure awareness and the perceptual experience of eufeeling. So how can there be so much to write about them? The reason is that once we begin initiating QE, one of the benefits over time is a refinement of our perception of facets and levels of awareness, out of which arise new, subtle and powerful variations on the themes of pure awareness and eufeeling. Here are eleven more techniques which bring more fruits of awareness home. Or perhaps a better way to express it is that they awaken us to more fruits of awareness.

  • marcia wells - Works for 2016 GMC terrain

    It fits perfectly in my 2016 Gmc terrain. My hubby installed it in 1 min. Very easy and looks great


    Don't believe all the hype, this product is worthless... I waited a few weeks to receive this and I was so very disappointed...have to scrub so hard to get the hard water stains off of bathtub tiles its exhausting. I have had better luck with CLR, vinegar and baking soda than I've had with Zap. I could not even use the scrubbing pads they throw in for free because the pads themselves release a brown ink that was staining my white grout... in addition the sprayer nozzel they sent did not work at all... I had to remove a sprayer from an old bottle in order to test this product. This product cost me $35.12 and a large part of the expense is the Processing Fee which came out to $13.90; which I'm sure they will not be refunding this fee since this is how these companies make their money, they know there product is worthless. Never again learned my lesson!