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  • Riaz - Cricket 2010 ps3

    decent game but cannot compare to FIFA. graphics need work and matches can get long. overall, the best cricket game out there, but needs improvement.

  • gsownsby - Bitdefender/Windows 8/Lenovo U310 Touch - Bad Company

    For several weeks after installing Bitdefender on my new Lenovo U310 Touch running Windows 8, my PC stopped being blazing fast on bootup and normal use. Contacts with Bitdefender Tech Support were promptly answered and all instructions given were followed; however, the situation did not improve. They even provided the 2014 version to me at no charge to see if it change. At a few points of high frustration, I had every intention to use Windows Uninstall to remove it but when attempting to uninstall, Bitdefender offers the option to repair so I tried that on at least three occasions but again no real improvement.

  • J.O.Black - Terrible service overall

    Well just to be clear, I bought my Freedom Spot Photon from a sale at Groupon, not Amazon. Outside of that, there is no difference between the products.

  • gunner52 - Best air max I've had

    I was surprised at how comfortable these sneakers are, air Max's that I've had in the past weren't this comfortable, the soles felt hard, not these though. Good sneaker, I will probably order another color too. I love the blue/grey color that I ordered.

  • Amazon Customer - Love!

    Love troubleshooter series...can't wait for July!!!! Suzanne never disappoints me....Sam Jules and Izzy are my favorites but I love the whole team and their families.