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  • J. P. Lathrop - A Potentially Great Bag With Some Serious Deficiencies That Are Easily Overcome

    When I bought this bag I was looking for a bag that could hold a lot of gear, keep it safe and easy to access. TSA-compliance was a requirement, even though I won't need it often. I'm not carrying my gear for long periods of time. Comfort is important, but not as important as spaciousness and protection.

  • Kavalon - Good product just a bit pricey

    I thought it was a bit pricey, but I had heard good things. I am trying to lose weight after having a child. The pills did not affect me the way other have in the past, that was a big plus. I was able to have more energy which my kids loved. I am happy I am able to keep up and be more active with my kids. It is a little pricey but it is worth it, I lost the 20 lbs I was looking to drop and a little extra. I would not have able to lost this weight without the supplements, I had tried so many things. I am very happy that Shelby and Vicki told me about this product, I kept asking them how they were losing weight! Thank You.

  • skinker - New Shakes NOT Lactose Free

    The old formula was MUCH better than the "new" un-improved formula. The new formula has "milk" as the "secret" ingredient, and has given me the cha-cha's everytime I've drank one. I've cancelled my auto-ship order and will never drink their shakes again.

  • A. M. - Overheated motor

    I read a lot of good reviews about this vacuum, so I decided to buy. I bought at Costco for $160 and I was happy then I used it for first time. Next time then I was vacuuming my one bedroom apartment, motor just stop working in the middle of my living room, after I finished bedroom. Then I touched area there air coming from vacuum, it was very hot. I realized that motor overheated and just stop working. About after one hour it started working again, so finally I finished my living room. It took me to vacuum one bedroom apartment over one hour. Good productivity. In my bathroom I have very high pile carpet area rug. Then I was vacuuming this area rug, brush roll stocked inside and stop working. This vacuum is not for all types of carpet. I don't have any pets, so my carpet wasn't dirty. I wanted to like it, but sorry Navigator, you going back to store. I think I will buy Hoover Platinum 

  • Linda Damery - Very disappointed

    This book was to come with a CD for use in the computer. The book was purchased for my daughter to take a class using the book and CD. Where oh where is the CD? Would like to return the book for one with the CD.

  • Lala - milady text

    If you are looking for a cosmetology text book that is more than what you expected this is THE text so much information