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  • Seideric - ASUS Suite User? Read the defender forums!

    With the new year my 2014 bitdefender will not allow some web resources to load and locks the program to be safe, tried to add the web address to the white list to bypass the problem but the 2014 BD seems to lack the file. The 2014 BD was removed from the computer and an attempt was made to update to the 2015 bitdefender, and this is the result:

  • Ashley - It doesn't make me feel jittery or nauseated which is nice. The taste isn't bad at all and the ...

    This product seems to be working with helping me lose weight a little faster and suppressing my appetite, while giving me energy in the gym. I take it in conjunction with a low carbohydrate diet and exercise whenever I can. It doesn't make me feel jittery or nauseated which is nice. The taste isn't bad at all and the pills are easy to swallow in my opinion. I drink a full glass of water when I take this and I take it along with my breakfast. I hope to keep seeing results! So far, so good :) I received a discount on this product in a special promotion. My review, my opinion and experience is honest and 100% genuine.

  • John Doe - Here's the low-down...

    You can read all 45 reviews of so here, or you can read mine, I've summarized them. I am a musical theatre student, opera tenor, and I own my own theatre company so I have a pretty good idea of what's hot and what's not. This is HOT. I own/have heard every version of JCS to date (March 2006) and this one is the most well rounded. Steve Balsamo with his amazing 4 and 1/2 octave range is an incredible singer; lacks a bit in bringing out the character of Jesus, if you're going for character over voice, Ted Neely from the 70's movie album is best. Judas is pretty good, problem is...he's a baritone singing a true tenor role, so he screams like a rocker to get the high notes, very convincing Judas though. Pilate is decent, Caiphus is also good. Mary Magdelene is the weak link, she's got great potential but she's only half baked as a singer. Some people here fell in love with the 70's version; hating the rock band of an orchestra on this album. HOWEVER, I will let everyone in on a secret. In this version, Andrew Llyod Webber selected all roles himself, including the orchestra. This is what he WOULD have produced in the 70's IF they had the technology. It's a simple matter of opinion; you prefer the older sounding 70's "orchestra" or the modern day "rock band." Alice Cooper as Herod, Geln Carter as Simon (He plays Jesus in the movie revival) make the scale tip when you weigh this against other versions. (Glen Carter is over-rated as Jesus in the movie however...) All in all, I like this version best. The title of the show is "Jesus Christ Superstar: A Rock Opera." And this CD puts the ROCK in Rock Opera.

  • lcm1947 - My review

    What can I say it's a buck knife and will last a life time - actually probably 5 life times. I love the handle. The main concern

  • Mom Writer - Very useful

    My friend told me about this book. I bought it and took it with me when we went to visit colleges. It was surprisingly accurate when it came down to the facts. I called it my College Finding Bible.