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  • Warnebald - Real Niacin

    It is getting harder to find real niacin anywhere. Many adds that list niacin are really selling niacinimide or one of the other "flush free" substitutes that are cheaper to make and store. If you are looking for the actual benefits of natural niacin, like the reduction of bad cholesterol and healthy heart and circulation, you will often be frustrated by the flood of "fake niacin" products, many of which can even cause liver damage at the levels niacin is often prescribed for cardiac health. This is a real, pure, natural niacin, without fillers or other contaminants, I will continue to buy this as long as it is available. 

  • William F. Clowers Sr. - Newly Enlightened....

    Someone recommend Joe’s book to me, so out of curiosity I read it. Not only is this a good read, but is very motivational. Joe describes how someone with a goal can sacrifice short term pleasures for the benefits of long term knowledge. The information he has gained can now be used by all as he describes in his book. Certain mineral and vitamin formulas as he sells on his website can be a little pricey, but much of what he recommends can be picked up VERY inexpensively at your local drug store, Wal-Mart, Meijer, etc. At the end of his book, he goes into a gambit of maladies that may apply to you and how you should treat them. After applying what he recommends for several months….in short…IT WORKS!!! This and the MERICK MANUAL are by far the two best medical books I own. HIGHLY recommended. You won’t be disappointed.