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    This stuff is beyond amazing. I have red patchy cheeks, red nose and a few small patches on my forehead. I used to have horrible acne as a teenager (10+ years ago) and it's left me discolored. Foundation and concealer can usually cover it, but forget a bb or cc cream. I've used this for the last two days a f I'm blown away with how my skin looks. I have used it under a light foundation because the light color is still too dark for my pale skin...but, my skin looks flawless. No pores. No discoloration. Doesn't cake. Keeps oil at bay. AND it looked freshly applied after 14 hours. The tiniest amount goes a very long way. I've only used product off of the lid so far. Amazing coverage. New holy grail product for me. Worth every penny and now I'm convinced I need to try more of the It Cosmetics line!

  • Live Green Mom - This is a very powerful kitchen tool!

    I actually own the Ninja that is one step below this and it is awesome. I had to comment on this one because I helped buy this for my mom. This is one powerful bad a** piece of machinery to own. She makes smoothies and juices in it (like I do in mine) effortlessly. I even made chocolate chip cookie dough with the paddle attachment, totally skeptical that it was up for the job. Nope, it mixes dough as well.