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  • Amazon Customer - It works more like a really good food processor

    It works....I'm dealing with it. It works more like a really good food processor. Instead of getting a smoothy you get a little chunky shake. I've been mixing kale, broccoli, bussle sprouts, Berry's, fruit and bannanas. I didn't want to spend the money on the vitamixer. This does work just be prepared for little chunks in it. I've been using it everyday and it personally doesn't bother me. I like my Ninja.

  • Jordan Barksdale - Out of sight, out of mind!!!

    Works great! Easy to install! Now I don't have to stare at that long factory antenna every time I get in my Jeep!

  • Anthony - This liquid form chalk works just as well as normal ...

    This liquid form chalk works just as well as normal chalk, when power lifting or lifting weights in general, but much less messier. I've used this for heavy deadlifts and also applying the product to the back of my shirt when performing squats; the product performed perfectly for both scenarios. I've gone through many of this product over the past year and will definitely will make more future purchases of this product.

  • Majinja - Great Read, However.....

    I loved the story line. The characters were believable along fantasy story lines and the suspense was well constructed and played out. However, I gave this book four stars because of the numerous misspellings and numerous grammatical errors. I hope that these were editorial mistakes and not those of a degreed author. I read this in portrait mode because I read so fast. There were misspellings and grammatical errors, simple ones, on nearly every page that caused me to stumble when reading. This breaks my train of thought, not to mention irritate me that if I stumble over them, others will also. Overall, ignoring the irritating misspellings and grammatical errors I did enjoy this first in a series very much and look forward to the next in the series.

  • Amazon Customer - I would never recommend anyone with sensitive or dry skin to use the ...

    I've been using AcneFree Severe for a year and a half. However, I would never recommend anyone with sensitive or dry skin to use the CLEANSER and the TONER - instead y'all should substitute them with the Cetaphil cleanser (much more gentle for sensitive skin.) I would use the smallest triangular bottle in the AcneFree kit on my pimples during the night and the maximum repair lotion for my pimples during the day. I use them with an organic moisturizer and I think they show the best results that way. Although the 2 cream did not make my pimples disappear straight away, they definitely dry them up and reduce some redness (also decreasing them in size.)