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  • Patrick Mcnelis - DON'T! Just, don't; you'll be sorry!

    This is a horrible version of Office. Most of the time it won't open files you created with older versions of Office without an elaborate and ridiculous click-a-thon to allow the software to recognize the older files as safe. Sometimes it still won't open those files. Then if you run a repair thinking that will help your Office 2013 will be deleted. Then you'll call Office support and they will try to sell you a one-time $99 service (or $149 per year). So after heaps of frustration with Word and Excel not wanting to open existing files, and refusing to actually send files I could open (only because I created them with this version) to the printer (though it said it printed) I decided I had had enough. I went online and tried to find solutions. I was led to a Microsoft Office self-help page that instructed me to run a repair. I followed the instructions only to have the repair fail, but not before the repair rendered my install completely useless. Links and tiles were gone. Trying to open a file directly resulted in cryptic errors. So I called the tech support line. After explaining to the rep what was going on, he offered to help me for $99 for a one-time service fee, or I could sign up for an annual service contract for $149. I shouldn't have to pay to get their software working on their operating system. I am running Windows 8.1, Office should function seamlessly. After doing more investigating - after telling the tech rep no thanks - I found a utility I needed to run to completely remove any trace of the original Office installation. Then I was able to re-install it. Then when I tried to re-install I got more errors, telling me I didn't have enough disk space (I had 58Gb on that disk) or too slow an internet speed (I was at that moment pulling 78Mb down on a FiOS connection), or some other problem...

  • Timothy - Great shoes, Good Buyer!

    Shoes are great. Too bad they don't consistently makes these every year. I found these online here. These shoes may be a bit more than they're normal cost but they are one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. The size is a bit bigger (which it should be). Always order a one size up when it comes to running. I'm very happy with these shoes. I use them mostly more running for longevity.

  • pete - A mixed bag

    I find it sad that the primary theme of this book is how to AVOID huge ships, when what huge ships want the most is to be understood.

  • Diane Lahr - I am so disappointed! This has to be a fake

    I am so disappointed! This has to be a fake! I have been using this product for years but decided to order it from amazon due to the considerably low price. Never again will I buy from amazon! My hair is not the same silky smooth that the real macadamia mask does. This is some inexpensive Pantene type conditioner.