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  • PPjr - Better than expected.

    Works great , purchased 2nd for a gift & may even purchase another. I use with my 2007 vehicle that has no Bluetooth but does ave a 3.5 jack. I ues it with my headphones & iPad. And I also use with iPhone & TV sound bar that has a 3.5 aux input. I've had it for 2 weeks but not sure how long battery lasts. Have used for about an hour at a time. In my vehicle it is always connected to a power source. Added bonus this one has a volume control,most do not.

  • Zeek - Makes the Car Look New

    In 02/2012 I bought this kit based on Consumer Reports tests and used it on a 2002 Lexus ES. The product lasted much longer than I anticipated and started showing wear about 1-1.5 years after I used it. I liked it so much I just bought another kit and used it again on the same car last night. The car looks new again. Couple tips based on my experience: 1) go easy with the 400 grit paper unless your lenses are really bad. . .it takes a lot more sanding with the lighter grits after to get those marks out, 2) use PLENTY of water to avoid deep scratching, I used a spray bottle like the video showed and it works good, 3) if you REDO lights again later, skip the 400 grit. I tried it both ways and the lenses come out clearer with less work if really work at them with the 1000/2000/compound, skipping the 400, 4) make sure you use plenty of the compound and keep it wet, it works better and don't be afraid to really work it in, 5) do this inside if possible and make sure you keep any dirt/dust/bugs away if possible until the clear coat sets up (no long).

  • Matthew J. Schneider - Listen when ready (and I mean be prepared...)

    This is my second-favorite Floyd album (after "Wish You Were Here"), so I don't think I can disagree with any positive remark made about "The Wall." For a five-star rating, you're dang straight I think it's a masterpiece! What I'd like to do first is caution the casual browser who heard "Another Brick Part 2" on the radio, or thinks that all Pink Floyd is like "Dark Side of the Moon." "The Wall" is quite simply one of the most depressing works ever put together in a recording studio.

  • KJNW - Looks fun, but for older kids. Younger ones get frustrated. Dumb menu.

    I had high hopes, but this didn't work out all that well. We got it for a 5 and 8 year old. The menu seems odd and confusing. I'm not even sure how to stop it from proceeding to the next dance. The moves are hard, so the younger kid just got mad and frustrated. You'd think there would be a expertise selection, but I don't see it.