Addison Internal Medicine: Internist & Medical Care - Addison Internal Medicine offers comprehensive treatment for acute, chronic and preventive care. Our internists are accepting new patients for medical care.

  • Our Doctors | Medical Care | Addison Internal Medicine - Our doctors at Addison Internal Medicine provide comprehensive medical care to treat the whole person. Call our medical clinic at 972-301-7060 for more info
  • J. Shaun Murphy, M.D. | Addison Internal Medicine - Dr Shaun Murphy is a respected expert in internal medicine services. Considered a top local internal medicine specialist, Dr Murphy is seeing new patients.
  • Quynh Ton-That, M.D. | Addison Internal Medicine - Dr. Quynh Ton-That is currently accepting new patients at Addison Internal Medicine. Learn more about our doctor and the medical services Dr Ton provides.
  • Dr. Phuong Tran, M.D. | Addison Internal Medicine - Dr. Phuong Tran, M.D. is an Internal Medicine Doctor at Addison Internal Medicine in Addison and Carrollton. For more info call 972-301-7060 or 972-763-5666
  • Tri T. Nguyen, M.D. | Addison Internal Medicine - Internal Medicine Specialist, Dr. Tri T. Nguyen, is accepting new patients at Addison Internal Medicine in Dallas, TX. Contact us to set an appointment.
  • Uyen Nguyen, PA-C | Addison Internal Medicine - Uyen Nguyen, PA-C is a certified physician assistant at Addison Internal Medicine who's knowledge of general medicine increases our standard of care.
  • Renuka Shringer, NP-C | Addison Internal Medicine - Renuka Shringer, NP-C and the medical team at Addison Internal Medicine believe in a holistic approach to medicine and treating the person, not the disease.
  • Preventative Medicine | Addison Internal Medicine - The internal medicine doctors at Addison Internal Medicine are highly experienced and offer Preventative Medicine services, created with the patient in mind
  • Well Woman Exam | Internist | Addison Internal Medicine - Addison Internal Medicine provides well woman exams for Addison, Dallas and Plano. Consider breast exams to detect early warning signs of Breast Cancer.
  • Men's Wellness Exam | Addison Internal Medicine - The doctors at Addison Internal Medicine now offer comprehensive Men's Wellness Exams including testosterone levels, prostate exams and physical exams.
  • Biometrics | Health Testing | Addison Internal Medicine - Biometrics, or health screening, is a service our doctors provide. This yearly exam is important for maintaining and promoting health, call 972-301-7060.
  • Primary Care | Urgent Care | Addison Internal Medicine - The doctors at Addison Internal Medicine offer services for acute urgent care situations and chronic disease management. We are now accepting new patients.
  • Arthritis Treatment | Addison Internal Medicine - The best arthritis treatment in Dallas TX is provided at Addison Internal Medicine. Schedule an appointment to see how we can improve your quality of life.
  • Back Pain Treatment | Addison Internal Medicine - Our doctors are now seeing new patients experiencing back pain. Seek back pain treatment with Addison Internal Medicine to improve your quality of life.
  • Diabetes Treatment | Addison Internal Medicine - Diabetes Treatment requires the proper medical care expertise. Addison Internal Medicine provides expert diabetes care call us at 972-301-7060.
  • Heart Disease Treatment | Addison Internal Medicine - If you you've been diagnosed with heart disease, maintain a high quality of life with heart disease treatment from Addison Internal Medicine.
  • Sleep Disorders | Addison Internal Medicine - If you're suffering from Sleep Disorders or think you may have sleep apnea, contact Addison Internal Medicine in Carrollton and Addison for an exam.
  • Mole Removal | Dermatology | Addison Internal Medicine - Looking to get rid of that unsightly and possibly dangerous mole? Addison Internal Medicine provides mole removal treatments. Schedule an appointment today.
  • Medically Supervised Weight Loss | Addison, Plano, Dallas - Addison Internal Medicine is offering medically supervised weight loss for those wanting to lose weight. Our doctors provide nutrition and exercise plans.
  • Locations | Internal Medicine | Addison Internal Medicine - Addison Internal Medicine has Internal Medicine Clinics located in Carrollton and Addison. To make an appointment call us at 972-763-5666 or 972-301-7060.
  • Internal Medicine in Carrollton | Addison Internal Medicine - Addison Internal Medicine is located in Carrollton on 1428 W Hebron Pkwy, near 121 and Hebron. To schedule an Internal Medicine exam call us at 972-763-5666
  • Internal Medicine in Addison | Addison Internal Medicine - Addison Internal Medicine is located in Addison at 17051 Dallas Pkwy #150, just off the Tollway. To schedule an appointment call our team at 972-301-7060.

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