Review: Adalat - Destination Future - Always at the heart of blood pressure control - on course for optimal cardio vascular care - Adalat GITS reduces cardiovascular risk by effectively reducing blood pressure and improving endothelial function. Indications of the antihypertensive drug Adalat GITS are coronary heart disease, chronic stable angina pectoris, and hypertension. Action and safety of the calcium channel blocker Adalat GITS have been investigated in the action, insight, and encore studies.

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  • Mccafferty - Estrolibrium has meant more rest which means more energy

    The extreme sleeplessness due to menopause was really getting out of hand for me. I was up seemingly all night and was extremely tired the next day. It was frustrating and my low energy level was truly effecting my daily activities like being productive at work. The Estrolibrium has helped me finally have a good night's rest free of the constant tossing and turning and waking up. The restful nights has made me feel better all around at work. It is just what I needed. 

  • R. J. Adamson - THIS STUFF IS GREAT !

    I also was skeptical about this product because it sounded too good to be true. The good news is that it is very, very good. I have a patio deck off the second floor of my home that was always covered with mildew. Nothing I did would keep it from coming back. This product worked exactly as described by the other reviewers. One application and I have not had any more mildew. Do yourself a favor and buy this product !

  • A.K. - ... stellar reviews and in hopes that it would be good for my vision

    I purchased this product based on the products stellar reviews and in hopes that it would be good for my vision. However, after checking the ingredients, I found out that this product has way too much Vitamin A at 500% of the daily recommended value it is just too high for anyone. According to WebMd, "High doses of vitamin A have been associated with birth defects, lower bone density, and liver problems." In addition,today I found out that the vast majority of the reviews for this product are fake thru a website called Fakespot which can check whether or not product reviews are real. Fakespot, detected that 77% of the reviews for this product are "inauthentic or low quality reviews. It is too late for me to request a refund from Amazon, but I wanted to share my findings with everyone!

  • Doreen O Forslund - Fits like a GLOVE

    Absolutely amazing -- fit like a glove! Really easy install and will save me hours of cleaning after winter ends. Also, the item arrived 2 days after I ordered it. Super fast, excellent service. Thank you!

  • Amazon Customer - gives engergy

    it gives energy and does help with appetite will probably again when i run out i like that it does not make u sick at your stomach

  • Meghan - worth the price, great quality, works wonderfully

    I recently cut all my hair off and need to smooth and straighten it a little. This new InStyler is perfect. I love the hot round brush idea and the built in flat iron is a great added bonus. It's a little pricey but worth the cost I think. The quality of the tool is quite good. I found it heated up quickly and was very easy to use. I've had various hot air round brush tools in the past and this surpasses them by far. The cool touch bristles and tip make is easy to use and keep you from scorching your fingers! I brought it into work so a friend could try it and she loves it too. Perfect if you're like me with wavy and curly hair that needs smoothing and straightening without loosing the volume.