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  • Gadget Freak - Something terribly wrong with this product

    I have been a Quicken user for over 25 years. I was very satisfied with this product until last year when things began to unravel,

  • W. Fisher - Works great but pricy

    I have nothing to say except it works. Within a day or two the entire strip is full of mosquitos and other various insects that are attracted to the SkeeterVac (I have the SV 27 which started immediately and has worked great so far). My only issue is that $10 per strip gets expensive when it has to be replaced weekly (there is no more room for insects to get "stuck"). At almost $20 per tank of propane, $20-$30 for strips and $10 ($20 for 60 days) it is costing me $2+ per day to run the SkeeterVac after the inital $300 investment. I guess that is just the cost of enjoying the summertime in our backyard.

  • Charile Brown - Perfect

    Good condition, exactly what I asked for, ready to go to school, thanks for the help, and I hope this is re-sellable by the end of the semester!

  • JackMetal - Loads of hidden information to keep us healthy

    This book is a goldmine of great under reported health secrets. The main theme is that most problems or so called diseases are caused by mineral/vitamin deficiencies. It also shatters the cholesterol myth. Cholesterol is an essential element for health. Ultra low cholesterol can be a bad thing which causes many problems including sexual performance problems. Many things in this book are the exact opposite of what the public has been led to believe by the media and mainstream medicine.

  • John Leach - Like a new TV

    Installation was a breeze my TV operates like a new tv I highly recommend this upgrade. The speed scrolling between windows is super fast now almost seamless. the new menus are user friendly this was a great upgrade

  • R. Mcalister - Well built

    Fits snugly in the 2" receiver, metal feels solid and well built. Minus one star because it sticks out about 1" from the lip of the receiver (including the dust cover). The rubber spacers take up the space to prevent rattling. Easy to install and operate. Would recommend to a friend.

  • Cisco - A Sad Eye-Opener

    This is something of a scholarly work but it reads much easier that it should. Coming Apart documents the creation in America of an upper class that is very similar to old European nobility, in the worse way. The mega-rich; mega-powerful, mega-influential have little notion of the lives, wants and desires of those that they affect. This was not so 50 years ago. (Even the richest person in 1960 shopped for groceries in A&P or Big Apple. No longer.) Likewise, in the last 50 years America has developed your basic unwashed mob; the bottom part of our population that has generally lost touch with traditional American values. This is a sobering read, but most of it is undeniable.