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  • Amazon Customer - ... days of starting this probiotic with my son he's like a new baby

    Within 2 days of starting this probiotic with my son he's like a new baby. I have recently started to supplement with formula so he was having a difficult time going the bathroom this has helped him become more regular again. Thank goodness a fussy constipated baby is never fun! so worth the money especially if your baby has a sensitive stomach!

  • mrlysell - Not worth the time or money

    These oils are not like other high quality essentials. I have dealt with many many whole essential oils and they usually require a carrier oil because they are so strongly scented. These oils from this brand seem as if they are already diluted as the fragrance is very minimal. I have no doubt that they are 100 percent oil, just not complete essential oil. Poor product. Sorry guys :(

  • Vickyf0027 - Loved it!

    The highly anticipated 'Devil's Work' lived up to expectations! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Mark Edwards is my favorite author. I can't wait for the next one!