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  • GypsyGyz - Any essential oil will do the job and costs 100 times less!

    Any essential oil will do the job and costs 100 times less! Peppermint oil works very well and is very inexpensive. It can be put into a small, screw-cap, squeeze bottle preventing any leakage of oil and makes it easy to dispense. Just 4 to 5 drops is all you usually need. The pleasant mint fragrance fills the air, masking unpleasant scents and provides a cooling, refreshed sensation as well! More oil can be used if needed, which also results in an extra cooling sensation! Try it and see for yourselves; nothing to lose.

  • Don B - The UI was much better than the Matricom and I wasn't inherently tied to ...

    For me this product outperformed the Matricom and Amazon's own verion. The UI was much better than the Matricom and I wasn't inherently tied to the products pre-loaded on the Amazon. I did have an issue with YouTube launching on the Ti4 but the Element support team was responsive and indicated this was a problem and I should return it for a new instance. I appreciated the honesty and did so and my new version works fine, I've since ordered another. My advice when buying these boxes is to be patient. The new Ti4 I received had been previously opened but works fine. It was missing the remote, however it was fully loaded and rooted and provided more more value than I paid for. Since the remote not effective I chalked it up to a win on my side. This is a great box, I just have some questions about the ordering and delivery process. Neither of which are product related.

  • Justin - Great Book for Beginning Investors

    This is a very interesting book. I recently got into the stock market and I am very eager to learn how investing works. Although there are rich information online, but this is a great and informative book you can read while on the train. Let me start of by saying that the author introduced the reader with basic information about the market. The book introduces you to different terminologies and in-depth details of what they mean + examples. The authors’ talks about the data related to the graph and trend analysis. There is so much to learn about investing and the market. As a beginner, I would definitely recommend everyone to start off by reading this book.

  • sadler29 - best purchase ever!

    I purchased this for my 20 month old (now 2 years old) because we were moving to Germany, and would be living in hotels/temp housing for 3-4 months and wouldn't be able to purchase a large high chair. This is PERFECT! it is compact and folds up so small and even has a great bag that is attached and folds up into a picket on the bottom(and thus can't be lost in all our moving). it is VERY sturdy! My 2 year old has developed a habit of pushing a chair up to it and climbing in himself- standing in it at one point and the chair table chair doesn't budge. He usually HATES high chairs and refuses to sit in most, but like this one. It is easy to attach to most tables and easy to clean.

  • KarinaM - Water please!!!

    This made me completely dehydrated and I am someone who drinks water all day long. The dehydration led to instant headache which led to me returning it the next day. Not for me.