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Hawaii Hypnosis Center - Experience Matters - Hawaii Hypnosis Center serving Hawaii since 2006. Doctors refer clients and we are currently accepting new clients.

  • http://www.hawaiihypnosiscenter.com/Services/Stop-Smoking-or-Chew Stop Smoking Through Hypnosis - Stop smoking using hypnosis. Quit that old habit. Doctors refer clients to us and we are accepting new clients.
  • http://www.hawaiihypnosiscenter.com/Services/Confidence-Purpose End Self-Sabotage & Gain Confidence with Hypnosis - Eliminate limiting beliefs, build self-esteem and confidence through hypnosis.
  • http://www.hawaiihypnosiscenter.com/Services/Relationship-Issues Relationship Issues - Relationship issues. Resolve trust issues, insecurity, jealousy. Relationship issues resolved through hypnosis
  • http://www.hawaiihypnosiscenter.com/Services/Anger-Habits-Addiction End Negative Habits with Hypnosis - Resolve negative habits through hypnosis. Lose addiction, anger, bad habits, stop drinking too much.
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  • http://www.hawaiihypnosiscenter.com/Services/Anxiety-PTSD-Phobias Alleviate Stress, Fears, Anxiety and PTSD - Alleviate stress and anxiety through hypnosis. Fear of flying, fear of driving, fear of dental work, fear of falling, fear of lizards, fear of roaches. Effective with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, resolving anxious feelings and fears.
  • http://www.hawaiihypnosiscenter.com/Services/Sleep-and-Health Assist Medical Treatment with the Power of Positive Hypnosis - Use hypnosis to accelerate your healing process, retrain sleep patterns, headache relief.
  • http://www.hawaiihypnosiscenter.com/Services/Financial-Business-Success Increase Your Prosperity Mentality with Hypnosis - Attain financial freedom and retain financial success using hypnosis. Learn to control spending and boost savings.
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  • Alexis Thaw-Kaufman - A Bit Underwhelmed...

    We have mixed reviews on the purple mattress here. I'll preface by saying both my husband and I REALLY wanted to love love love it.

  • Olivia P. - Too Bad It Scratched My Floors

    When I first got this vacuum I loved it. It was light, had no cord in my way and it did a pretty good job picking up kitty litter from my Marmoleum and hardwood floors. There was one major flaw though--it scratched my floors. The Marmoleum is known to scratch easily. I have had my floor for over two years and had no scratches to speak of until I started using this vacuum on it. I didn't notice the heavy scratching until I had used it on the Marmoleum around five times. I had selected the hard floor setting but it still scratched the floor. However, I liked it well enough to keep it for the hard wood floor but thought I would keep my eye out for any scratches. Well, it took longer but it eventually started doing the same thing to my red oak flooring. I think it scratched the finish and not the wood itself. No matter, it made my floors look awful. If you buy this to use on carpet it would probably work great, but beware of its use on hard surfaces like linoleum and wood flooring. I shudder to think what it would have done to laminate.

  • Sean Malone - The Breath Neuralizer

    I buy this monthly now, because it's seriously the best mouthwash. It doesn't make me feel like I just gargled mint juice, it makes my mouth clean and fresh enough to kiss my girlfriend after waking up with morning breath. It does a good job of eliminating the smells from a flavorful meal too. Simply put, they should call this stuff the breath neutralizer.