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  • Philip Patrick - Boring

    It was 2 days of boring play. After that I couldn't give the game more time and asked 7 years son-in-law to try it out. The ability to customize your character caught his attention for about 1 hour, then the game itself for additional 2-3 hours and then he asked "what else?" - the question I've been asking myself several times. For a game that was waited for many years, this is a total failure of Will Wright. I mean, how the creator of SimCity and Sims could get to such low-level boring game without visible AI - computer player is predictable and is not fun at all.

  • Andie - Love this author and love this book !

    I voluntarily agreed to read and review this book. This book has everything a mega hot alpha male , action , heat and a man who'll protect his woman . It's no secret that I love this authors work and would read her books all day long and this book just reinforces how tallented she is . The characters are totally opposite but work well together . All in all a book not to be missed .

  • V. B. - A wonderful piece of equiptment

    My Pilates Power Gym Pro arrived on time and in excellent condition. The best part was that I did not have to assemble anything other than the feet straps. Can't wait to get started.

  • Sonny Garcia - Great value and great convenience...

    Great value and great convenience on my yearly update of my Internet protection package, Been purchasing from Amazon a few years now and will continue to as it is reliable, a great value, and a great convenience. Top of the line offering from Amazon...