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  • Sierra - This is the brand you want

    I have used several different internet security programs and anti virus programs and Kaspersky is by far the best. It has saved my business computer several times. Don't waste your money on Norton or MacAfee

  • Heather Polacek - my 8 year old daughter loves this. She's only ...

    my 8 year old daughter loves this. She's only had it since her birthday on Jan 23. it took some playing around with to figure things out. she's excited to use the alarm on it too so she can wake herself up in the mornings for school. She loves the camera and games and I have to remind her it's a game on that or computer, not both! I hope it lasts....i've read other reviews about battery not being able to be replaced but time will tell.

  • Amazon Customer - But it is a great watch if you look like a comprehensive low price

    Make you drift luxury have firmly! Just then a heavy feeling in comparison with other wearable watch. But it is a great watch if you look like a comprehensive low price.

  • Amazon Customer - Bitdefender

    Bitdefender did not work on most our computers last year. We were promised we would be given more time to use Bitdefender in lieu of refunding our money. They did neither.

  • Amazon Customer - Good product

    I have been using this for months now and I am happy with it. I love that it has no flavor so I can just mix it in my water and go! I started using premama fertility after I stopped birth control. My cycle regulated very quickly and it is very regular every month so far. I have noticed other things that I believe are thanks to this product. I will continue buying until I become pregnant.

  • S. Elgood - Promotes and sustains facial hair too!!

    Fantastic product. Have been applying this to little Abigail's head for just over three months and now she has a full, wavy beard all the way down to her Pampers! We tried feeding it to her as well, but she still prefers mashed apple and banana.