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  • Anil Seepersad - Ok, this is the first time in a long ...

    Ok, this is the first time in a long time that I've played a Civ game that feels balanced and works! It's more akin to Civ 3 or Civ 4 (with the expansions) in how it feels during gameplay. The new dynamic of opening up the cities creates a new overlay on the gameplay. It has one fault however - the AI seems, inconsistent.

  • Cody Pedersen - LOVE

    I am very impressed with these brushes. These brushes are very inexpensive and for the quality that they are I am more than pleased. This comes with 10 brushes that satisfy my every makeup application need. Blending brushes, angled blending brushes, blush brush, foundation brush, eyeshadow, eye brow and a few others. The brushes are great quality and very soft on the skin. I haven't seen any shedding yet and I am very satisfied with my purchase! Great deal for wonderful brushes! thank you!

  • Soaring_Eagle - Hold off buying a Keurig 2.0 until the company makes the changes suggested in these postings.

    My son sent me this as a Christmas 2014 gift to replace my perfectly fine K75 he gave me 3 years ago, and I am equally as disappointed as almost all of the other reviewers are. What was Keurig thinking? $$$$. Yes, dollars. Company greed is so evident here that it is laughable. They had to be making a fortune on K-cup sales but decided that it wasn't enough. The bogus scare about them not backing the warranty if you use non-Keurig sanctioned cups is just that - bogus. I've used all kinds of K-Cups and a My K-Cup with my personally blended coffee in my B-75 (the Top-of-the (old) line) over these past 3 years and dispensed all sizes of coffee and hot water and the machine has not given me a hiccup. Hooray for Keurig on building such a rugged and versatile machine. If it did die because of my misuse I'd bite the bullet and buy another! Oops, I can't buy another. They replaced an easy to use machine with something more complicated and less versatile.

  • the hiker - Good Hub caps

    Well built with better retention clips than Toyota provides. A dead knockoff of a Camry hubcap. No directions provided which forced me to figure them out. If I didn't have a lot of experience it could have been frustrating

  • David Garcia - Love it

    Different for Gaga .... But she does not disappoint with her different style of music. I love it . if you like meaningful songs or anything amy whinehouse this is the album for you.

  • defrisbie - Definately a disappointment

    I have used Print Master for more than 10 years and upgraded a number of versions and they have completely ruined the product with the 2012 Platinum. It doesn't have nearly the capabilities as even the earliest versions. I have uninstalled this version and reinstalled the older Print Master 16.